Friars Igor De Bliquy and Layola Keerthivasan Francis, pose with Provincial Minister Mark Joseph Costello.

Capuchins Welcome Two New Friars into the Order

The Province welcomed new friars Igor De Bliquy and Layola Keerthivasan Francis at the celebration of Solemn Vows in Detroit.
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A color landscape photo of a volunteer moving a cart loaded with backpacks during the back-to-school drive distribution.

Rosa Parks Program Helps Children Return to School

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen engages benefactors and volunteers on a mission to equip children for success in school and in life...
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Exterior of Jefferson House in Detroit. It is a red-brick mansion in the Colonial style built in the early 20th Century.

A New Lease on Life

Residential Programs of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen provide new hope on the journey of recovery.
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From the Provincial Minister

From the Provincial Minister

Around the Province, we are witnessing a rebirth everywhere you look.
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Construction and heavy equipment at the Solanus Casey Center.

Construction Continues at the Solanus Casey Center

Construction continues at a rapid pace at the Solanus Casey Center pilgrimage site in Detroit.
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An exterior view of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen Meldrum Meal Program Site.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Renovations

Br. Gary Wegner, OFM Cap., executive director of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, shares an update on upcoming expansions and partnerships at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.
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Aerial view of the Solanus Casey Center and St. Bonaventure Chapel and Friary

Expansion in Detroit

How the Capuchins are answering the call to “rebuild my church” in Detroit, both through their preaching and services and in a much more literal sense by expanding their ministries through construction.
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